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My URL's a tad long, so you can call me Sarah. I like to post my own art, share awesome things I find (sourced of course), and reblog anime/manga bits and pieces. I'm pretty multi-fandom, but D.Gray-Man is my all-time favorite.  I'm basically a DGM blog :D

Wait what people are reblogging my OLD dgm tcg card giveaway post?? Like, there are dates on there, showing it’s long over ? ?

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Confirmed: Flying will draw boobs on request ;)

I thought you knew :U ahaha xD

WIP Screen-shot of a picture I’m drawing for my boyfriend. all of the pictures he requests have boobs heh

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ラビさん   |   by gobooo

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Allen~~~! (●´ω`●)ゞ

This is what I get for drawing at 4:45am ;A; thanks brain geesh

Another old picture pulled from the depths of my hardrive. I re-drew this picture here (meaning the original concept/whatever is not my own! So if you like this, please go give semokan some love ) …I just wanted to try out making something look sparkly and was too lazy to be original >_< I’m terrible

kandayuu - I think one day there was discussion about Lavi touching Lenalee’s boobs… and that is what I came up with idek ;V;

NSFW under the cut

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