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My URL's a tad long, so you can call me Sarah. I like to post my own art, share awesome things I find (sourced of course), and reblog anime/manga bits and pieces. I'm pretty multi-fandom, but D.Gray-Man is my all-time favorite. Basically, I'm a DGM blog :D


And when they woke up, they pretended it never happened…

Hey, sonnenkoenigen? Take this as an offering… of peace… 


And we promised we would die together. 

and I am a lazy bitch therefore it´s a messy sketch







Introducing the Social Intelligence Test! From what I can tell, it’s sponsored by Harvard and it’s rather interesting. The basis is you look at pictures of people going through different emotions and decide what emotion they’re feeling. The trick is, you can only see their eyes.

How well can you read people? I never thought I was good at it, but I scored rather high on this test. It was a very interesting experience! I highly recommend taking this!

13 out of 36…

28 out of 36

26 of 36.

Your score on this test was 30 out of 36.

Also 30 out of 36. Which is surprising because I’m bad at people. 

I got 33/36 …I think learning to draw all of these expressions definitely helped my cause xD


D. Gray-Assassin´s Creed 7

D.G-AC: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Who can come up with the best scenario for this one?


"why are u listening to anime openings"

why arent u

tokyo ghoul, ending images.

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DGM Headcanons: 


Because papa Cross is the best kind of Cross! and I like to spite all the Cross haters and all the headcanons that say he took Allen in only for money and didn´t care about him at all!



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zuko, dad of dragon durk headcanon’s are very important to me. actually, zuko’s daily life is very important to me. or just. zuko

My dad is hand-rearing this male baby Eclectus Parrot (≧◡≦) (his name is Stanley). While I was home over the break, we became best buds c:

It is a very pretty doll. Is it a hobby of some kind or did you just find these dolls fascinating?

I guess you could say it’s a mixture of the two.

Over the past few years I’ve accumulated an assortment of plushies (either commissioned/made myself/store bought), and figures (including some figma)… although I’ve never collected anything like this doll before ~ but I simply couldn’t resist, they really caught my eye!

Okay I know what you’re thinking …but hear me out

A short while ago, I saw pictures of these “Bratzillaz” dolls, and was absolutely captivated by their inset glass eyes :’D this one was my favorite with her porcelain-like skin, red hair and contrasting beautiful blue eyes ~ and now she’s all mine c: