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My URL's a tad long, so you can call me Sarah. I like to post my own art, share awesome things I find (sourced of course), and reblog anime/manga bits and pieces. I'm pretty multi-fandom, but D.Gray-Man is my all-time favorite.  I'm basically a DGM blog :D

This is what I get for drawing at 4:45am ;A; thanks brain geesh

Another old picture pulled from the depths of my hardrive. I re-drew this picture here (meaning the original concept/whatever is not my own! So if you like this, please go give semokan some love ) …I just wanted to try out making something look sparkly and was too lazy to be original >_< I’m terrible

kandayuu - I think one day there was discussion about Lavi touching Lenalee’s boobs… and that is what I came up with idek ;V;

NSFW under the cut

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Found this on my hardrive… it’s not finished but then I don’t think I’ll ever get back to it so here it is. Lavi that isn’t what Lenalee meant when she asked for your support

Uuuuuuughj it’s p much 5:30am I hsve been up all night working on a literature review that’s due tomorrow andDHJL I am so out of ir RIGHT now (ノ;ヮ;)ノv goodnight tumblr


Please support the original artist by visiting her blog and saving it there~! 


The fourteenth Noah ♡ (excuse my brainless “thirteenth” claim)


D. Gray-Assassin´s Creed 9. pt1

The first possible outcome of the original part 9

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whaaaaaaa it was your birthday????? happy belated birthday then!!!!!! i hope your day was fantastic!!!!! <333

Yes it was my Birthday yesterday c: in other timezones I guess it would be my birthday today haha

Thank you so much!! (✿◠‿◠) I had an awesome day!

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Happy Birthday and get lots of pretty fishies!

Thank you!!! I ended up getting three Neon Tetras to start things off and see how they go with the temperature and everything. Also because you’re not meant to add a lot of fish to a tank at once (gotta let the water adjust and stuff). So all going well I’ll get a couple of bigger ones next week! :D

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Ahhhhh THANK YOU ANIKÉ!! (っ◕‿◕)っ~♥